Fitchforex Is a Scam company that it’s run by Thai -Chinese group that they are located in Bangkok and Seoul,UAE, China and Singapore

These companies helps them with scamming: /

These scammers are located in many places 

Locations of FitchFx, of this company, are:

Samut Prakan  , Bang Chalong Subdistrict, Bang Phli District,Samut Prakan Provice
 120/116 village No.4,

Scammer work Address 
Taihue International Medical Co.. Ltd. Office Address 120/116 Village No. 4, Bang Chalong Subdistrict, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan 


Fitch Forex Global Limited


Hong Kong, Hong Kong 000000 CN

Address: Flat 43 Perkins House Wallwood Street, London, England, E14 7AH, United Kingdom

Phone: +852 67350342, +86 17735514528


Fitch Forex Global Limited (Registered company in china and thailand)


Also, they are working with people in the china, Bangkok Seoul, UAE, China, and Singapore

2-1904, Elite Platina, KOLSHET road, Thane west- 400607


Websites  owned by the same scammers  : 

Scammers pictures 

Crypto Scammers Fitchfx

Their Chinese Boss - Online criminal 

Chinese Crypto Scammer

 Name : Zuh, WenZonG   // 朱文宗
Nationality: Chinese 
Date of birth: 28 -FEB -1981
Place Of Birth : Fujian
Living : China/Thailand/Seoul/UAE
Phone number : 
Passport: EG 85966
                               Type of business: Providing medical consulting services 

Scammer Chinese

Zhengqiu Xue
Fitch Forex Global Limited (Registered company)
Hong Kong, Hong Kong 000000 CN

China crypto boss scammer

 Name: Zuh , Wang, JIBIN 
Nationality: Chinese 
Date of birth: 21 -JUL -1984
Place Of Birth : GUIZHOU
Living: Thailand
Phone number : 

 FitchFx Scammers

These scammers use psychological manipulation and deceit to gain control of vital information relating to user accounts. These types of scams condition people to think that they are dealing with a trusted entity such as an Official Trading company, well-known business, tech support,

They share fake information about earnings from trading on telegram, Wechat,Line

After they convince the victims, they guide them professionally to Deposit 
Money through cryptocurrency which is untraceable, or even through bank transfers ( Banks in Thailand and China)

After they get the money in their accounts they do their maximum to let the victims think that they are safe and they show them fake earnings on their platform, later when the victim decides to withdraw his fake earnings, they will make problems such (as the victim must provide more details to verify his account, or they tell the victim to contact his bank for refund, which is impossible because they already got the money and the bank process take time, and the most of time, the victim never get his money.

Also, this company is connected to the Mafia on the Dark web which they Sell Personal information such (Passports, ids …)


How to get a Refund and protect your identity?

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1-Report To the police:  Thailand /
Seoul /China 

 China Police :

 Thailand Police :

Seoul Police

Interpol report :

2-Report to the hosting Company 
Also, report them to Hosting company, and provide them with the info in this page, they will provide the police and Interpol with all Infos about them

3-Contact your bank and inform them that you got scammed 

4- Hire a Lawyer ( to make the process fast )

Other information will be shared soon 

Personal Phone number 
: (with personal phone numbers police can identify these scammers after contacting the network provider)

+95 9 682 401680
+66 61 936 0712
+66 97 134 3346

+66 94 814 1402

+65 89302613

+66 83 926 3317

+66 91 138 8808

+66 65 483 1945

+66 95 890 7505 (Xiao Yang )

+66 94 814 1402

+66 80 562 7988

+66 97 134 3346 ( HAO) 

Bank Details used for money laundering :

 Name : Zuo Anli
 6217856000089362338   (Bank of China)

Anhong 6222033500004991471 ( ICBC )

Scam Process :(soon)


Scammers Ids :(soon)

Crypto Exchanges details  : 

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